Dhaalu Airport (DDD/VRMU) was built as a state of the art, certified and approved, services oriented and an economically viable domestic airport second to none in the country.

Main Features

  • Newly introduced Dhaalu Airport, located on Kudahuvadhoo Island, became a state of the art, brand new, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Category 3C, Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) certified Aerodrome on 22nd June 2017.
  • Since its initial certification as a day-use airport, it achieved status for night operations on 16th July 2017.
  • An 1800-meter runway has been built to cater for the DASH-8 and ATR 42/72 type of turbo-prop aircraft.
  • A modern terminal with a luxurious VIP lounge second to none in the country has been built to cater for every whim and fancy for the valued passenger.
  • Resort counters are provided and available for those resorts that need working space.
  • With the aim to provide a top-notch service to all passengers, a transportation system and facilities have been put in place that leaves nothing to chance. Departing and arriving passengers and their luggage are looked after from arrival at the water front to airport and from aircraft to water-front/jetty using passenger buses and baggage trucks.
  • To all flights, baggage buggy services are provided on the airside, avoiding any hassle to the passenger.
  • Dhaalu Airport management has acquired pioneering new aviation systems in adjustable solar lighting systems for runway edge and taxiway lighting. This is a first in the country.
  • Visual aids required by aviation legislation such as APAPI, taxiway lighting and wind direction indicator systems are also solar powered paving way the way for energy saving. This is also a first in the country.
  • Dhaalu Airport broke the existing one vendor/supplier barrier for aviation security equipment introducing a new brand with the purchase and implementation of new equipment for aviation security. As such the security regulator is extremely happy with the effort to accommodate the security requirements.
  • Dhaalu Airport is the first airport in the country that has completed all the required training for its operating personnel. MCAA the regulator has acknowledged this during the May 2017 airport certification process.
  • A Departure Hall Café and a Resort-style Restaurant right outside the terminal building catering for the passengers will be serviceable shortly. These departure hall café’ and restaurant outside the terminal could be used by departing passengers as well as the local community respectively.


With the opening of the airport, it brought revolutionary changes to the community and the tourism sector.

The fervent hope was that the airport will also bring significant economic and monetary benefits such as boosting the confidence of entrepreneurs to invest in new businesses, expand existing businesses and the opportunity to create new jobs for the local community. The ensuing results would be tourism expansion and growth at a colossal rate in the form of more resorts and guesthouses. At the same time providing for people to be employed close to home, giving them time to spend with their families and friends.